Apple A Day
Apple A Day keeps the doctor away! but eating 30 apples at the end of every month is not the way to do it, find our how you can improve your life by arranging your tasks on periodic basis. Available for iPhone, iPad & Android.
ToDo Android

ToDo app is the best way to be on schedule of all your Tasks (Todos & Tasks). It's FREE - No Ads, No pay for additional feature & No hidden costs - Completely Free! More awesome features are being developed, so leave a review to make it even better!

JumBee amazing gameplay mixes doodle jump with fruit ninja in an addictive crazy way! not only that; but for the first time you can share with your friends your photo with JumBee to challenge them to beat your score!
SpriteAds is a new gear in the mobile gaming ecosystem. Concentrating on user experience, It will be the first ads network that won't annoy users any more. Actually users will be enjoying it because it will be part of their game.
Game Weave is a cross platform revolutionary social network. Players will enjoy playing with their friends in a way that wasn't enjoyed before. Having fun is our main feature.

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