Apple A Day App


Apple A Day App reminds you do the things that really matters, things that would be done on periodic basis.

Apple A Day App IS NOT a ToDo app, you won’t be able to add tasks and mark them as done for good, it’ll be only good for the recurring life-style tasks, like:
– Hitting the Gym.
– Taking vitamins.
– Reading a part from a book (a long journey book reading).
– Scheduling your running.
– Walking the dog.
– Cleaning the house.
– Meditating.
– Learning a new language.
– Paying rent.
You’ll be able to backup and restore your “Apples” and have them synchronized on multiple devices.
Please send us as much feedback as you would, the app is free with no ads or any catches, we wanna improve our lives using this app and it would be awesome when it helps somebody else to get a hold of his important tasks.
For a better life – Remember to do the things that really matters!